condition con‧di‧tion [kənˈdɪʆn] noun [countable]
LAW INSURANCE something stated in a contract, agreement, or insurance policy that must be done or must be true otherwise the contract, agreement, or policy will be ended or will not remain in force:

• You should read the conditions of your contract of employment carefully.

Under the conditions of the contract, all work must be completed by June 1st.

• The bank agreed to extend the loan if we met certain conditions.

exˌpress conˈdition LAW
a condition that is written down in a contract, rather than one that is accepted or intended but not specifically mentioned:

• The buyers were entitled to reject the goods primarily on the basis of breach of the express condition, since they were slightly damaged.

imˌplied conˈdition LAW
a condition that is accepted or intended without actually being written down in a contract:

• There is an implied condition that the goods will correspond with the description.

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condition UK US /kənˈdɪʃən/ noun
[S or U] the particular state that something is in: condition of sth »

The condition of the property will help determine its price.


The goods are warranted to be in perfect condition on leaving the factory.

conditions — Cf. conditions
[C, usually plural] something that you must agree to, that forms part of an official agreement: »

I hereby agree to the terms and conditions of my engagement as stated above.

attach/impose/set conditions »

We're not in a position to set any conditions - we'll have to accept what they offer.

agree to/comply with/meet conditions »

They felt that they had complied with all the conditions of the agreement.


Licensing conditions for mobile network operators must ensure the respect of competition rules.


Ms Russ told the hearing she was unhappy that the job had not been completed by July 31, which it was claimed was a condition of the contract.

as a condition for/of sth »

As a condition of yesterday's approval, the EU Competition Commissioner insisted the state aid must not be used to subsidize other commercial activities.

[C] an arrangement that must exist before something else can happen: condition for sth »

A strong local business base is a necessary condition for the economic future of the area.

on condition that — Cf. on condition that
See also EXPRESS CONDITION(Cf. ↑express condition), IMPLIED CONDITION(Cf. ↑implied condition)

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